AutoTiss One


AutoTiss One is a compact, lightweight semi-automated tissue microarray (TMA) arrayer. A most cost-effective upgrade kit for manual TMA puncher

Semi-automatic TMA is a flexible system that constructs TMA block by extracting specimen on the holder in many forms. We can customize any holder and program the protocol to adapt your need.


TMA for Molecular Analysis
transfering tissue from donor block or TMA block to 0.2ml PCR tubes

Adapt Different Tissue Processing Cassettes
ie. Supamega is ideal for prostate, brain, breast tissue and eyes.

TMA for Donor Embedded in Standard Cassettes:
This is a standard holder for taking up to 3 donor blocks.

  • Fully automatic planning.
  • High throughput workflow.
  • Computer controlled-No more manual positioning.
  • Patent design graphical user interface for easy operation.
  • Automatic for fast and easy punch area selection.
  • Tissue database allow fast and easy tracking and maintenance.


  • Capacity:1 donor block + 1 recipient block
  • Weight:12kg
  • Dimension:W413 x D380 x H380mm
  • Operating Temperature:15-32 degree Celsius ambient
  • Puncher Size:0.6, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm
  • Speed:150 cores transferred per hour
  • Power Input:110V
  • Operating Humidity:20-80%
  • Max. Loading:XY 8Kg / Z 3kg
  • Resolution:0.01mm/Axis
  • Repeatability:+/- 0.01mm/Axis
  • Motor System:Micro Step Servo Motor
  • Max. Speed:XY-100 (mm/sec)
  • Driving Method:XY-screwball axis
  • Loading Method:Manual Loading tray
  • Control Method:Computer Numerical Control
  • Merging Method:N/A
  • Selection Method:Visual selection
  • Lighting Method:N/A
  • Identification Method:N/A
  • Heating Method:N/A
  • Block Height Measurement:N/A



  • Data Input:Tissue block information in excel format.
  • Processing Workflow:Advance and easy punch area selection.
  • Donor Selection:Manual Selection.
  • Recipient Layout:Easy array programming with punch size selection and core annotation.
  • Project Management:Import and export Tissue block Data files in Excel Format/Export block image and array data./Save workflow in file for repeat arraying