AutoTiss 10C

TMA-FULLY-AUTOMATIC  (Part No:TMA-010) One of the most innovative invention. Compact and FULLY automated, Tissue microarray (TMA) arrayer, which significantly helps the researchers to decrease the time and labor in creating blocks. It can hold up to 10 blocks at a time and five 0.6, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm punches sizes are available.  

This automatic TMA is an instrument which extracts tissue from donor blocks and transplant them to recipient blocks according to the layout designed by the users. Integrated software allows user to import and export excel files including information of the samples and the recipient block, directly using database interface. These files keep track of the procedure that can also be used to repeat the process or to modify for correction.

AutoTiss Designer is the software not only to operate the instrument, but also designed to facilitate and computerize the positioning by the definition of its grids, spot size, and spot spacing. AutoTiss allows both batch processing as well as manual processing for rework. On top of that, user can easily partition the array or composing array with various core sizes which makes this unique system more advanced than its peers. Our unique cassette adapter can hold any standard commercial blocks.

Utilizing patented coaxial puncher design, AutoTiss is equipped with mechanism for automatic puncher rotation, tissue/wax extraction and ejection. Coaxial puncher allows tight junction between donor and recipient for eliminating lost core. Our medical graded stainless needle is specially made for sharp thrust and long life. Even though the mechanical design is sophisticated, cleaning the unwanted wax and puncher maintenance can be done within seconds.

The paraffin block punching area is selected directly from the screen in the software with CCD vision system. Mark, edit and save punch coordinates using digitally captured image and software tools. Designer allows also importing patient data associated with the paraffin blocks and allows to integrate those data into the tissue array map you are creating. High resolution digital camera is used to take macroscopic picture for both donor and recipient blocks as reference image for accurate target selection and grid customization.

Two ways of using H&E slides:
1. Embedded digital camera captures slide image for overlapping with block image. Region of interested can be marked on the slide or donor block.
2. Import digital slide image file with annotation file generated by digital scanner and their viewers such as Hamamatsu’s NDPI and Aperio’s SVS files. Imported image file can then be used to overlap with donor block image for alignment and selecting core position.

Built-in laser height sensor allows system to adapt both recipient and donor blocks with different height to ensure all tissues are at the same height in the recipient block.

Patented design block holder is a compact rotator for shortening travelling distance between donors and recipient, and yet allowing this bench-top unit to have a built-in heating system. Keeping wax warm is crucial for processing high-density block. Maximum number of cores is not limited, but suggested as follows:

0.6mm 20×30=600 cores
1.0mm 20×16=320 cores
1.5mm 18×12=240 cores
2.0mm 12×7=84 cores
2.5mm 7×5=35 cores


  • Fully automatic tissue arrayer with compact size.
  • Computer controlled with walkaway system, no more manual Operation.
  • Graphical user friendly interface for easy operation.
  • Patented coaxial punch set and mechanism.
  • Patented CCD integration system for fast and easy punch area Selection.
  • Block Database allow fast and easy tracking and maintain.


  • Actuator Type:Electromechanical
  • Repeatability:+/- 0.01mm/Axis
  • Resolution:0.1mm/Axis
  • Motor System:Micro step motor
  • Loading Method:Rotary tray with universal loader
  • Control Method:PC with Win 7, 8, 10 operating system
  • Lighting Method:LED lighting
  • Camera System:High resolution CCD with auto focus module
  • Punching Method:Patented coaxial punch module
  • Tray Capacity:10 blocks per tray
  • Block Detection:Auto height detection sensor
  • Heating Mechanism:On/off Block Platen heater


  • Capacity:10 blocks with combination of 9 donor + 1 recipient blocks.
  • Weight:45 KG
  • Dimension:W480 x D480 x H470 mm
  • Operating Temperature:15~32 degree Celsius ambient
  • Puncher Size:0.6, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 mm coaxial stainless needle sets
  • Speed:150 cores transferred per hour
  • Power Input:110V
  • Operating Humidity:20-80%
  • Max. Loading:XY 8Kg / Z 3Kg
  • Resolution:0.1mm/Axis
  • Repeatability:+/- 0.1mm/Axis
  • Motor System:Micro Step Servo Motor
  • Max. Speed:XY-300-Z-100 (mm/sec)
  • Driving Method:XYZ-Screwball axis
  • Loading Method:Rotation Tray with easy loading
  • Control Method:PC-based Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
  • Merging Method:13 Mega Pixel High resolution camera with auto focus or scanned image from digital scanner (ie. Aperio, Hamamatsu)
  • Selection Method:On screen viewing and selection
  • Lighting Method:LED ring light illumination
  • Identification Method:Barcode reader (optional)
  • Heating Method:Built-in heater block holder
  • Block Height Measurement:High precision laser height sensor